Good reads in tech, Nov 6th 2012

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Why you’re not voting online today
America leads the world in tech, so we ought to be the first to have all our voting done online, right? Geoff Duncan’s in-depth post explains why getting nation-wide online voting in America ain’t so simple.

A “Like” by any other word is still a “Like”
In case you needed any convincing that semantics matters, check out how Twitter is playing around with “Like”, a star and other substitutes for saying that a tweet is one of your “favorites”.

Will teachers ever be replaced by AI?
I think not. But still, the folks at have compiled ten ways that artificial intelligence can “reinvent” education.

How to hire more analytical thinkers
TechRepublic gives tips to hiring managers on how to interview for analytic thinking skills. FWIW, I think that interviewing for speculative thinking is just as important when hiring engineers into the fluid environment of fast-moving tech companies.

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